Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kemo Fucking Kemoss

This is a very special blog post for me.

This is one of my favourite bands and a dear friend of mine. This is a Rock Band formed well over a decade ago as a few kids in school in love with Rockin and looking for a creative outlet in an otherwise artistically repressed Valley. 3 hours away from the Desert Rock scene/and 3 hours away from San Fransisco, now, nearly 10-15 years removed from current Rock Music, these two keep active.

Included in this post are two releases as well as a Voicemail recording I received several years ago featuring one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. You are getting "Hallejuah! The Brutes Are Back!" which was an ep that was never released, as well as the first official record, "Hallejuah! The Brutes Are Back! 2" recorded this last year in SF at Tiny Telephone(Analog only recordings) with Eli Crews(Why? Sound engineer and Beulah bass player) which is now looking for label and release support.

The harrowing hark of Matthew's beautiful arrangement and delivery are unparalleled, not only is he an incredibly gifted singer, but he is also an intelligent lyricist that creates these beautiful tunnels of sound, swirled about with his remarkable voice. His tones matched with Andrew's drumming are a marriage of the absolute kind. This band will continue to buck the mainstream, while some wont enjoy this, those that do will truly appreciate this and welcome the gift of freshness.

For years we've kept all this music to ourselves and amassed quite the collection of lofi bedroom recordings and now we figure is a good time to share it with others. With the explosion of the internet we've been able to align ourselves with some really awesome people making us not feel so alone anymore. Alike us, there's tons of people stuck in the middle of nowhere going against the grain creating music that no one else in their area relates to, and that's exactly what I and we want to hear. this post is for you. We as a whole have recorded more musical projects than years we've lived on this planet and shall continue to do so.

This is Kemo Kemoss

Thorn Sized Pubic Bone & Touch Football
A song from Hallejuah 1 & 2

and this is the complete download

Kemo Kemoss - Hallejuah! The Brutes Are Back! Saga