Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sod Hauler

Riffmaniacs! I happened across this cd earlier today sandwiched in between my comics. Threw it into my cd drive and can reaffirm that these motherfuckers rock anddd roll! I had the pleasure of playing with these guys a few years ago in some wacky ice cream shop across the street from a porno store straight out of the 80's up in their hometown of Seattle. I/we instantly became connected with drummer Adrian as we had a few solid days of fuckin partying. Afterall, our tour was titled "Inebreawesomed", so it had to be done.(dont worry we didnt take ourselves serious either). Debauchery aside we had a great fucking time and made a crushingggg friend for life. Fast forward a few months later and we're breaking into our old house and throwing a show together for Sod Hauler whom at the time were bringing Dark Castle out on their first ever west coast tour. That show ruled, i played in a terrible sludge band this time around aswell as a makeshift band "Marcus Wesson" that had Adrian playing drums and consisted of one heavy funeral doom esque song for nearly an hour+. Needless to say his band was pissed and by time we were "finishing" they had disassembled his whole drumset out from under him as he continued crushing away. Good times were definitely had, and positive memories were made.

There's one thing for sure when it comes to Sod Hauler, they are not your run of the mill Doom band! They are cut above the rest, blending classic doom, hard rock and crushing heaviness- this 3 song release weighs in at 30 minutes and is thunderous and even downright disconcerting at times, just like pissed off music should be.


and for good measure, they sound nothing like pearl jam.

Adrian currently plays in the super hair group Lethe with dudes from Samothrace and Galdr! (check them out too)