Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best of the Best: list of 2011 - Demos & Lp's

My 2011 list! Artists demos/debuts & lp releases from this year that i think you should also care about. No major label bands.

First off, the Demos:

Bruxers: "S/T"

Crushing fucking Death Metal. Riding the lines of Death/Doom to a fine precision, these San Jose kids put themselves on the map this year after nearly a half decade of hard work with their assaultive presence and blistering heaviness. Of the new wave of Heavy bands - Bruxers are the cream of the crop. They managed to also squeeze in two destructive recordings this year. Soon to come out on Deific Mourning and Gay Scientist Recordings.

Lycus: "S/T"

Etheral Intergalatic Space Doom that is just Heavy as Fuck. This was a breakout year for Lycus as well. After nearly 4 years of sitting on this project, the crawling/tortured pace of doom that Lycus resonates on was unleashed. With three unholy tracks they turned the stale Funeral Doom Genre around and gave it new life. One of the most promising bands in the bay area. The sky is the limit for this young band. You will definitely be hearing a lot more from these folks in the next year. Their demo tape came out through Graceless records and is going to see a Vinyl release through The Flenser early next year. Expect even bigger label attention.

Connossieur: "Stoned Back to Life"

I can't even begin to think of a funner release or band from this year. Connossieur play whimsical hardcore with a reckless abandon for THC glory/violence. They churn out resin filled tracks with catchy singalongs and it's all a really good time. Their demo "Stoned back to Life" is chalked full of palpable head changes, this is probably my most listened to Demo of the year. If you like having a good time and if you enjoy Motavation, Connossieur is the band for you. Look for a Connossieur/Your Enemy split sometime next year.

Purple Mercy: "Private Pleasures"

From the moment this tape kicks in, you instantly feel the haze cloud headed your way. This is a aural trip of psychedelic lush laidback nature, stuff you can groove to. Private Pleasures is a Cosmic party for your mind, light up your best purples and have Merrrcyy. This Oakland band fucking rules, one of the few remaining psychedelic gems in America and this record is a perfect indication of that. Their bassist was also involved in the ultra Hazy Doom band Folivore.

Cyanic: "S/T"

One of the most Crushing/Vicious records in recent memory. After several years in the making this album finally sees the light of day/hopefully by some label soon. This is a disgusting foul beast- nuclear waves of venom are spewed forth with this debut. The band features some of the most aggressive and extreme metal artists in San Jose. Other affiliated bands include Necrite, Black Fucking Cancer, & Casket Blaster. Cyanic is a brutal mix of depression/fun & chaos while never straying to far from their roots of as an extremely evil entity. Im way into what these guys are doing right now, great dudes and they also feature one of the best drummers in metal, Jason Bursese, as well as one of the most defined killer death metal metal vocalist- Andŕe Cornejo.

Black Fucking Cancer: "Summoning Aural Hell"
is an unrelentless assault, A thrashy/death-stricken black metal explosion. I remember listening to this bands practice demos and being floored well over a year ago. First off, they only practice on evenings starting at the witching hour through all of the satanic hours of the day. Usually wrapping up around 5-6am just pumping out the chaos and honing their craft. Also featuring members of Cyanic and Necrite, anything that The Bursese brothers(Drums/Guitar)are apart of is going to be a blitzing Juggernaut, this is no different. There's one thing clear when listening to this band and that there is no shortage of cosmic destruction accompanying them on this demo. They Truly Summoned Aural Hell with this one

Devil: "Time To Repent"

This album comes from a Norwegian band named Devil. They fucking rule and are gladly filling the hole that Witchcraft has left in the Traditional Foreign Doom Scene. This band spent the earlier parts of this year touring with Electric Wizard. That is fucking epic. Anyway, they conjure some pretty great sounds and are headed for an even brighter future. Get High and Listen to some Devil!

Bird: "S/T"

Bird is a grind/hardcore band hailing from Sannnnn Jooossseeee, California. They are incredibly fun and were one of my favourite bands in the bay area. Their live shows were always tons of fun. This is their first recording with their new vocalist, Andre Cornejo(Cyanic), and it was worth the wait. Really fucking awesome vocals and a really fucking awesome band. If you like having fun, fly around with these folks. Oh yeah they are a grind band that covers Three 6 Mafia. Smoke a ton of motavation and tweet tweet

Shitty Fucker: "Diarrheality"

This is a shitty fun good time. A short lived project in the name of the brown note from Oakland. These dudes started every show passing out gallons of whiskey/vodka and tons of blunts. Music to get fucked up to. Super pissed off dissonant angry punk rock from Oakland.

Vastum: "Carnal Law"

Oldschool Brutal fucking death metal with a heavy lean towards the doomier side of things. Super primitive, dingy, and absolutely disgusting. This band seriously crushes! Vastum is a super-band with members of Acephalix(Guitar, Bass & Vocals), Hammers of Misfortune(guitar) and Infest(drums). That pedigree alone should tell you how awesome this record is going to be. Vastum are another of the new onslaught of incredible bay area death metal bands that you are going to be hearing about over the next few years. Get into them!

Windhand: "S/T"

Windhand is incredible. Hazy-as-fuck tripped out aural bliss. The bassist from Swamp recommend them to me recently noting they just put out a new record. Praise be to the dark saviour. Leading the new frontier of retro doom, this band has made it perfectly clear they are to be known. This record is fierce, it's electric, it's mystical and it's crushingly orchestrated to keep you constantly under their spell. This is some powerful stuff, one of the best releases of the year and it was released on Purple Vinyl! Now to track down two copies.

Lp's this year:

Alaric: "S/T"

Alaric is one of my favourite bands from the bay area. They are fucking incredible. They remind me of a modern day Rudimentary Peni. This is a brilliant dark gloomy punk debut. Alaric are supremely talented- composed of members of Noothgrush(Russ), Dead and Gone(Shane), and Uk Subs(Jason), meaning you shouldn't expect anything less than amazing from these folks. They do not dissapoint, this record finds it's way into your conscioness and sinks it's hooks in you almost rendering you to a mindless drone just swinging back and forth to their melodies and reality. The tones are great on this record and the overall production is top notch. It's death rock with an edge, these aren't just your normal token goths, this is grown up punks playing something they love and doing it very fucking well. Alaric is extremely catchy and very entertaining. I can see very big things happening for this band and if this lp and forthcoming split with Atriarch is any indication of what's to come- Im looking forward to hearing what's next.

Atriarch: "Forever the End"

This record is sensational. What this Portland Quartet has accomplished and conjured on this record is truly infectious. Atriarch wander between the realms of mental anguish and physical pain while cascading down the creepy and grimey halls of Death Rock. The tracks form an evolution of shifts like seasons of the year and tell a harrowing story of expansion, of mind, being and person.

The sounds and atmosphere captured on this record are incredible, you can thank Brooks(Guitarist) for his love and obsession with vintage sounds and crazy space pedals- his effort pays off in a completely refreshing manner. This was a highly anticipated debut from some of the major players in the American Heavy scene, there's dudes from Graves at Sea(Nick plays Bass) and Trees(Lenny sings) in this band. I've definitely been following these guys quite a bit for the past few years. I've had the opportunity to see them a bunch and I think we'll be playing together later this year, which is also very cool. If you are looking for an intense dark groovy trip, I highly recommend Atriarch.

Hollow Mirrors: "S/T"

Hollow Mirrors from Sf have produced a sonic trip. I saw them perform a few months ago in Oakland and they totally blew me away, following their set I had to support them and get this record. Their debut album is packed with great melodies and super lush spaced out atmospheres. This is quality American Psychedelic Rock, pure head swooping cosmia. It's music to zone out to- that completely takes you over. It's rare that you find a band willing to create that sort of atmosphere and trip for their listener. Remember laying back on your beds and putting on a pink floyd record and just getting lost in the experience? That's the same sort of experience you can have with Hollow Mirrors and it's truly appreciated. These guys obviously care very much about the genre and their dedication to creating an awesome experience rules. This record is an incredible debut and I can't wait to hear more from them. Rumor has it a Flower Travellin' Band cover is on the near horizon!!

Ash Borer: "S/T"
Ash Borer keeps getting better and better. This record is beautiful. It's really passionate and extremely intricate while still maintaining it's frightening Heavy distorted sound. Hailing from the Pot hills of Arcata(Cal), this band sounds like walking into a whirlwind of emotional chaos. Their logo is one of the coolest in Bm, you can totally just stare at it and have fits as it strains your eyes to even look at it- that's fucking grim. If you are fiending for a band that is a good representation of the "Cascadian" movement, look to Ash Borer's Self Titled. But don't stop there- the rest of their discography is also great.

Gridlink: "Orphan"

All out destruction. Grind gods.

Brainoil: "Death of This Dry Season"

This record truly marked the death of the dry season. The heavy music scene in the bay area was bleak and with the return of Brainoil in the past few years/it really has helped shift the momentum and turn the scene back into a thriving spot filled with kids churning out the heavy tunes. This record really did signify the change in the dormat season and it couldn't have came at a better time. This record is incredilby hard hitting and rockin', way crustier than their previous Lp. This record tells the story of a pissed off band looking to have a good time while still maintaining the fury-filled assault that people have grown accustom to in Bay area bands. It's epic, it's brutal, it's heavy as fuck and it's super fun. This group of people is incredibly special and anything they are involved in is going to be wonderful. If you haven't checked out Brainoil, this is a great record to start out on.

Local Rappers

These are some of my favourite West Oakland Rappers that you should check out if you are into rap. Just to preface, these are not floofy college rappers, these are street dudes who are also in the struggle. Im way into diy and these dudes are all very Do It Yourself. My focus to rap is crucial because it's the only form of music that is all vocals, you have to be clever/train your breathing to be able to have a good pedigree to deliver those lines, any slight pitch or alteration of speech helps give you a defined sound and i totally dig that. For these reasons- i recommend checking these guys out.

Shady Nate is probably my favourite of the current Bay Area rappers. Shady's delivery and lyrical depth/content is on point. He's very clever and his patterns are always cool as fuck. Shady Nate put out a new album this year called "Son of The Hood", it's honest and his approach to story telling rules. If you are into clever and smooth rappers with a bunch of swagger and confidence- Look to Shady Nate.

is fucking quality. His tracks are rad and his style commands your attention. This video is a perfect example, all of these local rappers wanted to come together for this because the track is so hot and a real topic to these folks. It's a family out here for these guys and that's something i really fucking appreciate. Unity through art and friends. A lot of this was filmed right outside our house. H.U. is the real deal

Lil Blood
is legit as fuck. He dwells in the 30s and reps it for life. He's been one of the most consistent rappers putting out multiple solid mixtapes and records in the past few years. There's an elegance in his delivery, he is able to maintain a hood aesthetic while putting words to some really opulent sounds. A really good representation of the rap movement in the bay.

Lil Goofy
is good-time enhancing party music. Goofy is super young and has been contributing to the 3rd World/Livewire peer scene in the past few years and is about to put out his first record as well. Lil Goofy has immense potential, he's real clever and has a great vocal tone, his breath control is phenomenal. Super rad tunes to get Super Fucking High to.

is probably the most lyrical concise of the group of artists. He has a way with getting a bunch in a little and you can just tell that he's going places. He's aligned himself with some incredible artists and will continue to keep being an integral part to the bay area rap scene.

Honorable mentions in quality records/releases this year:

Fell Voices: "Untitled"- This recording came out last year, in 2011 it finally was given the proper treatment from the always outstanding production of Gilead Media. Really incredible work and awesome record! The record also comes with a patch and is on beautiful thick 180gram vinyl.

Noothgrush - Erode the Person Reissue ltd White Vinyl. Fuck yes. Absolutely crucial Heaviness.

Flower Travellin' Band - Two releases i've really wanted to own were finally reissued this year! Made in Japan/Satori are both quality releases on 180gram. Featuring some of the finest tripped out sounds to ever be captured. Highly recommend buying these.

Whirr - "June" Two awesome summer tracks on a beautiful 7". They are probably one of the best Shoegaze bands in America right now and this is another wonderful addition to their catalog of sounds. Get your gloom on.

Vesicus - "Magi: Within the Sigil of Kia" - Pretty standard dsbm with some cosmic freakouts, totally fucking killer vocalist, definitely worth checking. If you can find the tape, i suggest that route - the distorted tape sound magick is great for this band.

Rotten Funeral -"Resurrecting the Sodomizer". Rotten Funeral are definitely my favourite Black Metal band from the Central Valley. Angry pissed off vile black metal. Their live shows are perverse sick rituals to witness,their singer, Nekotüs, slices open his flesh with this crazy looking blade and then they all start into a blitzkrieg of punishment. This is a cassette tape of that.

Ash Borer - Tape Discography. Incredible.

Heavy Eyes: "S/T"

This is good ol' boy music. The Self Titled record from these folks is simply good music to have a good time with. Their vocalist sometimes sounds like Axl Rose and that's pretty awesome. The general music is killer, overall, it reminds me of a modern Cactus. This record is a collection of catchy infectious grooves. I dig it, one way or another - i definitely recommend checking them out.

Blood Ceremony: "Living With The Ancients"

I love this band. A lot of retro doom bores the shit out of me/it's usually too kitschy and lacks honesty and appreciation for the genre... Fortunately Blood Ceremony are very Genuine, their sounds are cosmic/honest and real. They are all about the trve righteous psychedelic groove. Most bands lead strong and then falter with their second release, not Blood Ceremony, this is another Enchanted Journey. Check them out with Ghost, Feb 1st at Bottom of The Hill(SF,CA)next year. One day, somehow, we shall play together!

YOB: "Atma"

YOB are modern day legends, another highly imaginative and spectacular release from this generations Black Sabbath. Incredible work- as always to be expected when Mike Sheidt is involved.

Ghost - Opus Eponymous. YES!!
40watt Sun/Patrick Walker is the fucking man!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Danny Tanner...For the Fucking Kids

Around the beginning of the last decade Danny Tanner began it's reign of extremely pissed off and angsty tunes. Hailing from San Diego, these guys came along at a time when everyone was full steam blowing their peers, San Diego's mistakenly inferior fast band. Anyway, if you like hardcore, powerviolence and aggressive music that you can rage to, here's Danny Tanner.

These guys ruled super fucking hard! This band was super influential to me personally. Some people have a fondness for dystopia as their punk roots, i don't- too much filler, not enough killer. These guys records never lacked killer tracks. Around 03/04 i was consumed with shitty hardcore and brutal death metal- Danny Tanner single-handedly help suck me out of the "brutal" universe i was consumed in. I had never experienced any sort of connection to music alike hearing them for the first time and just being blown away at this band i found through p2p networking. Thank you dudes, the Internet, and Ali of course.

I never got the chance to see them live, but I have gotten the privilege of getting to see their new formation, Koppojutsu(Whom will be getting their own post soon). The first Swamp Witch show was actually an impromptu set with Koppojutsu in Fresno! I've been fortunate enough to get to know the guys on a great level and i love them dearly. Their tunes and sense of humor is appreciated immensely.

Check them out above and donate 8 minutes of your time and give it up to San Diego's finest boy band, Danny Fucking Tanner!

- 'till death we rock
Download and familiarize yourself with the equally as fucked up and radical musical version of your favourite perverted Comedian.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Goreshack hails from Fresno, California. Unlike the majority of The Central Valley, Goreshack does not suck, nor constitute of any forms of meth. They self describe themselves as Gore Surf Metal, dawned with zombie makeup/hawaiian shirts/and suntan lotion, these guys embody it nicely. Their live rituals are few and far between, it's something special when you get see these guys perform, not just musically but for the experience. How many shows have you gone to where Giant Inflatable Sharks were ridden around by the crowd, and the majority of the crowd dresses up in their favourite Corpse Ridden Hawaiian get up. It's quite the experience to say the least.

We haven't even begun to get to the best part of it all. Behind the mystique, these guys are playing some very fucking competent death metal. It's everything you want in death metal, something to fucking rage to and have good times with. If you dont consider zombies dancing at a beach party inside your local venue awesome and totally fun, you suck. The music is voluptuous and ripe with brutality. This record is dense and heavy grooving as fuck. Thor, frontman of Goreshack, delivers a disgusting arsenal of clever and humorous content with supreme delivery. The Guitars are narrating the tales of a thrash explosion. The low-end on this album is heavyyyy. This is definitely a band for fans of Carcass, Ghoul, Lord Gore and Splatterhouse.

Ride the Goreshack wave!(click)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Burning Witch

Fucking Incredible. The most definitive American Doom metal band. Imagine the sound of pain manipulated through hypnotic hymns of pure fucking heaviness. It is some grotesque shit man. Pretty much Burning Witch wrapped up in a philly.

I love this band. They are one of the sole reasons for my interest in Heavy sound. They came around in this bleak period of time in the 90's and completely changed the way doom was played and quickly fizzled out and started new projects(((SUNNO))) of greater success, but none have been as important or felt as real as the fucked up entity of it's predecessor. Burning Witch should be mandatory listening for any fans of the genre. Sorry Thrash fans but i'd take Burning Witch, Sleep, Graves at Sea, and Electric Wizard over your top 4, anyday. All of the aforementioned bands deserve ample recognition, and within the Underground Community, they are rightfully held on a pedestal.

Rumor has it that Burning Witch may see the light of day again. The long awaited quadruple gatefold lp may also be seeing it's massive release come this fall. Fingers crossed for a complete reunion as that would be really special.

Here's one of my favourite songs and live performance videos, it was filmed on some public access stations in Washington:

(Dude, im out of my fuckingggggggggg mind)

Below is Burning Witch's complete discography. including the Towers Ep, the Rift.Canyon. Dreams Ep, and the Asva and Goatsnake split.
Towers Ep & Rift. Canyon. Dreams Ep
Asva and Goatsnake splits

Enjoy Burning Witch, they need to be in your collection, not just as a money thing, but you should know them and familiarize yourself with them as they are absolutely essential. Listen to the tracks and if you ever get the chance to come across burning witch vinyl, buy it.

One last thing:
The Poisoned Glass surfaced about a year and a half ago on myspace, it's a new project featuring Edgy 59 and George from Burning Witch. The track rules, you can hear it by following this link The Poisoned Glass myspace.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


An Introduction to Alaric and Atriarch.
Tonight's show took place at The First Church of The Buzzard with(Alaric/Atriarch/Swann Danger/Hazzard's Cure/Crucifixion). Alaric has become my favourite bay area band of late and tonight was certainly a clear indication of why. Their performance tonight was everything you could hope for as it was mesmerizing and aurally spectacular! Their crowd interaction and reaction was incredible. There was a literal moving dance pit amongst the crowd tonight! The raucously-quick-hipped-and-footed crowd tonight added a great sense of fun and invigoration, in otherwise Gloomy hearts. Just a great solid performance by an absolutely incredible band. They are extremely catchy, extremely talented and are just an all around incredible band serving up a new twist on the current Death Rock and Goth movement that is exploding within the upper echelon of bands in the Underground music scene. Such good things are in the works for these folks!

Another band tonight was Atriarch.

Phew, Atriarch are amazing. If you haven't heard of them yet, here's a chance to check them out Atriarch Band Camp. They hail from Portland, Oregon and They are taking the genre of Doom to a whole new level and transforming it into a new amalgamation of sheer intensity, blurring the lines between Death Rock and Doom and doing it very fucking well. I have been following these guys online even before their first tour, and watching them develop over the years has been quite rewarding as a fan. It's rare to find bands these days that you can have an emotional connection with, but this band is one that I certainly do so with, at least moreso than other bands as I was and am a really big fan of their previous bands(Graves at Sea & Trees). Infact, Graves at Sea are a big reason as to why I even play heavy music. So I perhaps may judge this band more than others but only because I know the complete potential that they are capable of and want to definitely see them accomplish it. They are right on the cusp of something really really profound and otherworldly. I cant wait to keep seeing what these guys are going to do next.

Going back to their first show in SF with my friends Blessure Grave(12/29/09), they blew me away that night. Over the past year and a half they have been honing their sound and developing into a band that has surpassed their predecessors in maturity and musicianship completely. They've ditched there predilection for Black Metal and stuck with what they do best, play heavy shrieking and crushing/intense well thought out hypnotizing Death-Rock-centric-Doom. Fucking so good.

Both of thee aforementioned bands will get their own blog post shortly! Tonight i foolishly forgot to pick up the Atriarch Cd on Seventh Rule Recordings, but I heard they were pressing it on vinyl as well as doing a split with Alaric in the near future, which undoubtedly is going to fucking rule and going to be added to my collection. And yeah, I broke my rule of not buying metal Vinyl but the Atriarch recording along with tonight's purchase of Graves at Sea "Documents of Grief" are just essential and are gonna look great next to that copy of "Sounds of Perseverance" when i finally get it.

Here's the flyer:


I will post vids of tonight's show when I find them, until then-here's a few links:
Atriarch Official Facebook
Atriarch Bandcamp
Alaric Official Facebook

Check these bands out

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Circle of Eyes? An Assistant to Psychedelica 10.15.2009

It's like showering in psychedelic waters and swimming through streams of ayahuascain shamen smoke. Fucking intense and the sound goes perfectly with the evolutions in pixel animation fluctuating through the space of time.

Enjoy dude it's a trip

Back story to this show. This show was Us, Worm Ouroboros, Maleficia, and Nadja. It was my first time playing the Terminal. It's a tremendous place in Oakland. For heavy shows you will not beat the atmosphere and aura created playing here in the Bay Area. The lineup was really great. It was special for me because not only was I getting to play with Aiden Baker's project, but my favourite band, Worm Ouroboros, played that night. Worm definitely stole the night, Nadja(or Nad-e-ah/Nahd-ja)was good but this night was one of those nights where you know you are witnessing greatness and it feels great even in the moment and you can reflect upon it and bask in it. I believe it was the last time they have played Oakland in the past two years. If you are unfamiliar with Worm Ouroboros(click), they play really spacey and airy beautiful post-rock, I highly recommend checking them out. Maleficia performed my favourite set i have seen of his from any of his projects this night as well.This show happened at a time when nobody gave a shit about our bands basically, so few people were there, but this was by far one of my favourite shows to have been apart of and just attend! Despite being drunk and making myself sick from screaming so much(as i was without a microphone for this, C.O.E is very loud), I also left this place with the insides of my pants covered in blood from the monsterish nailed Gauntlet I was wearing and crushing into my leg during our performance. Thanks Necrite. Regardless, I have two show fliers on my walls and for great significance and reason. This nights and T-Model Ford in Sf.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


For the past few years i've been wanting to do this, so fuck it, now I am. I'll update this with some of my favourite shows i've been to as well as most and all shows i do attend. I forget a lot of shows that i go to and that's not entirely up to the pot.

Tonight's lineup:

Connoisseur opened the show. They deemed themselves D.I.High grind, I like that. The music is pretty straight forward with parts reminiscent to one of my favourite bands, Swallowing Shit! So that's a plus. Entertaining for sure and sweet dudes, anybody that hands out 3-5 blunts to the crowd while they play is aces. Most of the lyrical content is focused on burritos and tacos, which i really enjoy, and marijuana, which i also really enjoy so it's a winning combination. When matched with some pretty damn heavy parts and a madman masked singer you know good times are to be had. With this being their first show, i think it definitely proves that Connoisseur is not only a tough fucking word to spell but an intriguing fun band from the Bay area that you should probably check out. Especially if you like getting high. Here's a track of theirs about the war between Mexican-American foods, Burritodeth

Torture Unit played next. They ruled! Pretty straight forward hardcore, the way it should be played, pissed off dissonant and taxing as fuck. This apparently was their last show and after checking their blog(Torture Unit Blogspot) I also attended their first show. Angry old dudes talking about shit they know, drugs specifically meth(not my cup of tea) and being oppressed. I can get behind that. I enjoyed a bubblegum flavored sucker during their performance. Tonight confirmed that Spazz did enjoy their meth which finally explains those fucking great sax parts. Awesome.

Lie Still played afterwards, it was efficient, they are a relatively new band that i didnt care too much for. The singer's a fucking peach man, he had a smile the whole time and seemed to be a pretty cool dude, just the music didnt click for me. It got garbled and over thought out at times. They did have a latino dude playing bass and he had a kill whitey shirt on, that's pretty funny, and another dude in the band was wearing his own Lie Still band shirt. Fuck the world.

Agents of Satan were up next and were the best band of the night. Im glad i got to see them. Super brutal and super on point! Their vocalist is fucking incredible!! Satanic brutal powerviolence bands with devil masked singers=Fuck Yes. Here's a song they did called Black Metal Bat

Catheter headlined the show. They were good. But good in the sense that they've been playing for several years and are familiar with each others musical abilities and strengths. The highlight of their set was a beastie boys cover. I dont think i'll go out of my way to see them again, but whatevs.

jumped on this show as well. Earlier that evening they played with one of my favourite local heavy bands, Bruxers, along with Acts of Sedition. Usually when bands do this, it means their original show sucked. Which is a bummer, because i would've traded them for Bruxers in a second. They are a female fronted neocrust band from Canada. I appreciated that they didnt preach and played a relatively short set with a good amount of energy. Musically, i didnt dig it much, but with few exceptions- i rarely enjoy "D-beat" bands. They sound like almost every other newer crust band you can see on any other night in Oakland.

Knockout of the night=Agents of Satan, holy fuck they ruled
Submission of the night=Connoisseur, on my lungs
Fight of the Night=Torture Unit, as they showed a consistent range of anger and tenacity Vs The World and Ghetto Grind Merchandise from Plutocracy
The Arena probably housed upwards of 65 sound fans.

Friday, May 13, 2011


In an effort to praise the devil and usurp the rise of all of these bastard Castle Churches, we've amassed an army of darkness and death metal. Below is an unholy sampling in the traditional dark lords tongue.

Ohhhh We Call upon the Dark Saviour: Shataan, Abaddon, Accuser, Adversary, Angel of light, Angel of the bottomless pit, Anointed, covering cherub, Antichrist, Apollyon, Beast, Beelzebub, Belial, Deceiver, Dragon, Enemy Evil one, Father of lies, God of this age, King of Babylon, King of the bottomless pit, King of Tyre, Lawless one, Leviathan, Liar, Little horn,Man of sin, Roaring lion, Rulers of the darkness, Man of sin Power of darkness,Prince of the power of the air, Ruler of demons, Ruler of this world, Son of perdition, Star, Tempter, Thief, Wicked One...make this reality

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In Honor of Rebirth:

Aptly named and a dear friend of true motavation. Mr. Mystikal, of No Limit fame and all those rap songs of dudes rapping wayyy too quick before you can even understand them; i.e. pre: shitty twista tongue balahalblhab. The Boomhauer(KOTH) of the rap community. I salute you, and I smell that shit too. Damn

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kemo Fucking Kemoss

This is a very special blog post for me.

This is one of my favourite bands and a dear friend of mine. This is a Rock Band formed well over a decade ago as a few kids in school in love with Rockin and looking for a creative outlet in an otherwise artistically repressed Valley. 3 hours away from the Desert Rock scene/and 3 hours away from San Fransisco, now, nearly 10-15 years removed from current Rock Music, these two keep active.

Included in this post are two releases as well as a Voicemail recording I received several years ago featuring one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. You are getting "Hallejuah! The Brutes Are Back!" which was an ep that was never released, as well as the first official record, "Hallejuah! The Brutes Are Back! 2" recorded this last year in SF at Tiny Telephone(Analog only recordings) with Eli Crews(Why? Sound engineer and Beulah bass player) which is now looking for label and release support.

The harrowing hark of Matthew's beautiful arrangement and delivery are unparalleled, not only is he an incredibly gifted singer, but he is also an intelligent lyricist that creates these beautiful tunnels of sound, swirled about with his remarkable voice. His tones matched with Andrew's drumming are a marriage of the absolute kind. This band will continue to buck the mainstream, while some wont enjoy this, those that do will truly appreciate this and welcome the gift of freshness.

For years we've kept all this music to ourselves and amassed quite the collection of lofi bedroom recordings and now we figure is a good time to share it with others. With the explosion of the internet we've been able to align ourselves with some really awesome people making us not feel so alone anymore. Alike us, there's tons of people stuck in the middle of nowhere going against the grain creating music that no one else in their area relates to, and that's exactly what I and we want to hear. this post is for you. We as a whole have recorded more musical projects than years we've lived on this planet and shall continue to do so.

This is Kemo Kemoss

Thorn Sized Pubic Bone & Touch Football
A song from Hallejuah 1 & 2

and this is the complete download

Kemo Kemoss - Hallejuah! The Brutes Are Back! Saga


Monday, January 31, 2011

Rotten Funeral

Pessimistic angry fucking black metal. Raw and Tranquilizing

Rotten Funeral hail from Northen California. Alike the BTC faction, these guys are all in numerous bands and you will primarily only catch them playing shows with their other bands for the most part. Associated acts, Killgasm, (The Mighty)Larry David, Chronaexus. Current and Ex Necrite Members also shared roles in this awesome band.

"Influenced by our struggle through life instigated by poisons, disgust and psychological dislocation. Rotten Funeral creates repulsive noise that disrupts rational thought and absolute conviction.

This music is a venture of our irreversible rejection of life
We kommand and follow Lucifer as the ONLY representative living force!

Rotten Funeral’s perversion was ejaculated across the universe nearly a decade ago"

Aside from a sense of humor, they are able to transcend the barrier of bullshit that's floating around in the BM scene and stay true to their roots. The music is angry and anything but straight forward. On this demo rehearsal you will hear opulent sounds met with pulverizing disgusting chaotic confusion that completely embodies their sound. Honestly and respectfully, this is beautifully destructive.

here's the download of this demo:

Rotten Funeral - Rehearsal Demo 2010

They've got a new demo tape coming out this year that i fortunately got to be apart of.

Here's a video preview of that: