Monday, January 31, 2011

Rotten Funeral

Pessimistic angry fucking black metal. Raw and Tranquilizing

Rotten Funeral hail from Northen California. Alike the BTC faction, these guys are all in numerous bands and you will primarily only catch them playing shows with their other bands for the most part. Associated acts, Killgasm, (The Mighty)Larry David, Chronaexus. Current and Ex Necrite Members also shared roles in this awesome band.

"Influenced by our struggle through life instigated by poisons, disgust and psychological dislocation. Rotten Funeral creates repulsive noise that disrupts rational thought and absolute conviction.

This music is a venture of our irreversible rejection of life
We kommand and follow Lucifer as the ONLY representative living force!

Rotten Funeral’s perversion was ejaculated across the universe nearly a decade ago"

Aside from a sense of humor, they are able to transcend the barrier of bullshit that's floating around in the BM scene and stay true to their roots. The music is angry and anything but straight forward. On this demo rehearsal you will hear opulent sounds met with pulverizing disgusting chaotic confusion that completely embodies their sound. Honestly and respectfully, this is beautifully destructive.

here's the download of this demo:

Rotten Funeral - Rehearsal Demo 2010

They've got a new demo tape coming out this year that i fortunately got to be apart of.

Here's a video preview of that: