Thursday, September 4, 2008


-The Original Wizard-

Amon Düül

-Paradieswarts Duul-

Selda Bagcan


If you're unfamiliar with Selda, familiarize yourself with her. This is Vol. 1 of 2 spanning her songs from the beginning of her career. Her voice is beautiful and her harking ways have captivated me into a firm belief that essentially anything turkish from this time period up to the pre-electronica height in the 80's is fucking golden. She can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes, and this record displays a body of work with much more vulnerabilities and uncompromising lofi singer/songwriter opulence-It's really hard not to fall in love with her strength, voice and passion.

Samuel Prody


The only way i can describe this cd is metaphorically. Imagine being pushed off a Magical Cliff into an acid filled ocean and finding yourself slowing submerging lower and lower while your body twists and turns submitting itself to the force of the whirlpool before awakening from your drug induced coma. Give into Prody and allow them to take over your mind, body and soul. This record is a veritable wet dream to any mota toking, acid dropping lifeforms, aswell as fine appreciators/collectors of great acid induced pyschedelica.


-In Return-

If you like your rock to fucking crush and remind you of the greats of the past, this record is for you. Bone splittingly heavy, riff praise worthy and a straight up fucking force. This is what the guys showing up to parties looking to drink and kick some ass listen to. Unadulterated Badassedness- Turn your fucking speakers up loud and grab a hold of your cock, this is what it sounds/feels like to be a man.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Empty Spaces Need Fillin, Duh Mothafucka MACCAR

-Gloria Galore-

Cant really think of a better way to come back then with my own stuff. This is the last recorded Maccar Cd. We didnt release it, so essentially this is the first time it's up for grabs and available to listen to in it's entirety. Maccars not for everyone, like the people that have shit for taste-stray away baby! Then again if you had shit for taste you wouldnt be reading this blog now would ya??!

This cd follows the journey of a Transvestite named "Gloria Galore". If you love transvestites and sex as much as we do along with other filthy incredible acts of deviance- We got what you want! Gloria Galore is fixated on sexual gratification and willing to achieve it and pursue it at all costs, mostly by force. This cd follows her journey through life to her ultimate demise as she's drowned for her sins at the bottom of the Japanese Oceans. We call the genre "Anti-band", it's essentially no single solitary structures, just pulses of scattered sound and piercing imagery. Similar to watching a movie, without the actual sight visual, moreso mental imagery. Each Song is a different chapter to our story, hopefully you enjoy it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Before The Dinosaurs-Updated

Vol. III - The Stone Of Cold Fire

So this is the third installment out of a collection of four. This is actually the shortest of all four, this one ends at around a mere 28.5 mintures. One track played continuously without any sort of texture or planned elements.  Super lofi, ambient noise stuff. I highly enjoy it, then again i am highly biased - this i will openly admit. It's not an easy listen as most people dont have the patience to listen to a single track upwards of 30+ minutes and such. This Volume takes you through some highs and some low lows, really dark and menacing with a sort of perpetual tranquility. Five completly different influenced and minded people combine to create a really unique sound.Those looking for some highly drugged out music, you'll probably really enjoy listening to this, as everyone that i know whose listen to it under some sort of influence have proclaimed how it blew their mind and took them on a fucking journey.

Il Balletto de Bronzo-Updated


Super rare mightily awesome early 70's gem. Normally you wont see me include the words "Prog" and "Awesome" anywhere near eachother unless we are referring to this time period. But this cd is just a straight up phenominal cd. Within the first 5 minutes of the intro you are taken on a fucking journey sounding similar to a blastoff from flower travellin' band but played and versed in Italian. From the moment you hit around 6 minutes deep it just fucking transcends into some amazing amazing stuff. Heavy Psyche Influence and Synthesized soundscapes. The only fault i can throw on this release is the first 2 minutes of Epilogue as it sounds mighty homoreficlly powermetalesque mixed in with some fucking lsd ridden freakouts.



Another Fantastic, Italian Spaced out Progy jam album. Another rare early 70's gem. It reminds me a lot of the hard fuzzed out psychedelica that was coming out in chile at the time like fire and pax, etc. but with more prog and folk elements involved. The cd is a journey though, it dips in and out of funk jams to out of this planeterium rock indulgences. Another cd highly rec'd from Dusty from Danava to me. So from him, to me, to you all - enjoy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

R.L. Burnside-Updated

-A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey-

Real fuckin blues, period. If the title of the cd alone doesnt grab you, there's no fuckin hope for saving you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

T-Model Ford-Updated

-Pee Wee Get My Gun-

T didnt pick up a guitaraway until we was like 60 years old. Shit doesnt retract from his greatness tho. Motherfucker can play the blues and he has a shitload of inspiration for it. Not only is he poor as fuck, old, his wives done left him and not educated at all. But when he was a small child his father beat him so bad when he was out picking cotton that one of his balls popped out of his nut sack and dangled down his little leg.(his words). This is some real shit here.

Junior Kimbrough-Updated

-You Better Run(The Essential Junior Kimbrough)-

This is the Essential Junior Kimbrough. From start to finish this is absolutely flawless. Junior alike the other few artists i have posted in here, play some real blues. His style is impenetrataeble and fucking infectious. Straight up some grown folk music. The amount of soul and energy Kimbrough put into his music is uncomprehendable. I cant say enough good things about the man, the legend, and this cd in general. This is a mandatory must own. One of the few actual albums i've been more than happy to pay for.