Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sod Hauler

Riffmaniacs! I happened across this cd earlier today sandwiched in between my comics. Threw it into my cd drive and can reaffirm that these motherfuckers rock anddd roll! I had the pleasure of playing with these guys a few years ago in some wacky ice cream shop across the street from a porno store straight out of the 80's up in their hometown of Seattle. I/we instantly became connected with drummer Adrian as we had a few solid days of fuckin partying. Afterall, our tour was titled "Inebreawesomed", so it had to be done.(dont worry we didnt take ourselves serious either). Debauchery aside we had a great fucking time and made a crushingggg friend for life. Fast forward a few months later and we're breaking into our old house and throwing a show together for Sod Hauler whom at the time were bringing Dark Castle out on their first ever west coast tour. That show ruled, i played in a terrible sludge band this time around aswell as a makeshift band "Marcus Wesson" that had Adrian playing drums and consisted of one heavy funeral doom esque song for nearly an hour+. Needless to say his band was pissed and by time we were "finishing" they had disassembled his whole drumset out from under him as he continued crushing away. Good times were definitely had, and positive memories were made.

There's one thing for sure when it comes to Sod Hauler, they are not your run of the mill Doom band! They are cut above the rest, blending classic doom, hard rock and crushing heaviness- this 3 song release weighs in at 30 minutes and is thunderous and even downright disconcerting at times, just like pissed off music should be.


and for good measure, they sound nothing like pearl jam.

Adrian currently plays in the super hair group Lethe with dudes from Samothrace and Galdr! (check them out too)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fell Voices

Imagine your existence being ripped to shreds and replaced with a desolate silhouette of fucking emptiness, if life were a movie we could direct- this record would be the soundtrack to our rotting existence in a rusted room filled with centipedes, with our mind, heart and soul looking up for escape only to find an endless corridor of fucking bleakness. I liken these three to Hillsmen playing real old timey blues. They are passionate, true and completely honest about everything they do. They arent painting their fucking faces, wearing bullet belts or making money, they are creating these fucked up malevolent beautiful orchestras of sound because it is in their soul, much like the older bluesmen that just play because it's their way of escaping and dealing with society. Their last show indefinitely will be on the 9th of October for the Fall into Darkness Festival. If you have the opportunity, see them and bare witness to the single greatest entity of sound to resonate amongst the last decade in American Black Metal.
Above is a download of the upcoming record that should be available for purchase in Oregon. Support this band

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanksgiving, Shank your Thanksgiving

Last year, like every year- millions of fuckers gorge on disgusting fucking animal products during the holiday commemorating the raping of natives. Sweet dude. I just so happened to be down in the central wastelands for whatever reason and met up with some guys. One microphone was setup in a previously frequented haunted house as we attempted to throw sounds at eachother. Cant hear vocals? I dont use microphones. We got nu-metal down aswell as crunching heaviness. hand and hand right? Anyway, here's a download of that.

and a link to a previous upload of this from Kevin, whom played guitar for us this evening.
he blogs too

Monday, August 9, 2010


The entity of Mania is fucking destructive. Nate-ia is pure hate. Mania is a one man band with programmed bass and dual guitar tracks. Interesting to say the least, and a good friend. Mania comes from the illustrious "Cascades" SALEM to be more exact, but dont let that fool you- Mania is a legitimate threat to your health. Furious, unrelenting black metal hellbent on shattering your happy existence. At the young age of 22, Nate's already established himself as one of the more crucial beings in american black metal as every offering he's been involved in has ruled! See Vault Dweller and Leech for prime examples.

This is the Mania 2010 Tour Cd.
Download link below

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is the new sleepwalker. It's gorgeous.
You should download it. This is certainly one of the most beautiful releases i've heard in a long time. Get lost in their realm of lucidity. Sleepwalker's blend of Post-Rock and Atmospheric black metal draped in lofi is captivating. I've gotten the pleasure to talk with michael a good amount, the more i get to know him the more i truly appreciate his existence and raw emotion that he's bringing forth. This was just completed two days ago and only a few copies were made for the current Fell Voices/Ash Borer tour which is gonna see a few Sleepwalker dates in the midwest. Do not miss your chance to see them or any of the projects these folks are apart of as theyre constantly creating brilliant sound, which includes Fell Voices, Ash Borer, Mohoram Atta.

Incase you didnt get to snag their previous release, here's a link to Aesops blog with a great writeup about these guys.

You can download this new release below:
2010 Tour Release

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Necrite is straight up disgusting. Violent, Entrancing, All Out War. Certainly one of the best black metal outfits from the bay area and California in general. A Mass For The Harvest of Death is everything good about black metal, torturous and completely cathartic in it's pulverization of your senses. Very methodical warfare going on here. Something about this band makes you want to roll your eyes into the back of your head and wander in realms of unreasonable consciousness. I got to hear the demo track to this last year and it blew me away. Ive deprived myself of hearing the rough copies of the new cd but i hear it's absolutely horrifying. Their full length is finally being pressed and released within the next 6 months to a year. Download this immediately and familiarize yourself with Necrite.

A Mass for the Harvest of Death

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Circle of Eyes

I present to you Circle of Eyes. The only way i recommend listening to this is to get really fucking high and turn this up really fucking loud and lay backk. Take the sheer devastatingness of NECRITE and their attack on your auditory sense and blend it with Kevin Yuen of FERMENTÆ's affinity with simplistic and eloquent brutality and you have something that resembles this augmentation of Circle of Eyes.

This is a live untouched performance on Cythoth's KFJC show. During the live ritual the recording station actually stopped functioning on account of massive peaking and literally crashed. Being the first band to blow the computer is either really unprofessional or really awesome, tba. Circle played the loudest set to date in the pit, which has hosted a veritable whose who when it comes to music that actually matters. The place is absolutely legendary.

This is hopefully seeing a release at least in Europe later this year and I managed to get my hands on it a few months ago.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spirit Ritual

Take a Voyeuristic journey into the psychedelic and other-wordly sounds of these captivating artists. This is Stevie Floyd(Dark Castle) and Mike Scheidt(YOB) engulfing you in hypnotizing soundscapes and trippy fucked up world music. There's throat singing, there's gongs and there's fright. This is a rough 8 track recording that was pressed, numbered and limited to 100 copies for the current Dark Castle tour. If you get the chance to see them on this tour, i highly recommend picking this cd up. The hand stenciled and created artwok resonate a strong sense of transcendence. This collaboration signifies a great bond and one of the best things about creating sound- the opportunity to crossover and not limit yourself to any genres or artforms. A place where like minded people can allow themselves to become conduits for sound to travel through. Dark Castle are set to tour with YOB twice in the next year. Here in America and also in Europe, please check them out if you havent already. Listen to what these two create when not crushing you with heavy epic doom. It's even scarier and more fucked up.

The Legend Of Mizar

I was shown the gospel of Mizar whilst in San Diego this winter. My friends record shop was closing down and during the course of that month and a half, we listened to Mizar and Eddie Money more than any sane amount. drugs and booze undoubtedly helped this along. For what it's worth, this isnt a joke and I genuinely do like and appreciate Mizar. He has a childlike approach to creating. You're never really sure if he's completely serious and believes he's the head of a cult or if he's just a brilliant and hilarious man making remarkably refreshing weird music. Either way im into it and I applaud him. I dont even know how to describe this, it's like early 80's synth meets beatboxing, lazers and some sort of derivative of english and holy tongues draped over it all. Is he talking about sleeping with tons of guys or is he talking about that polish girl again? And more importantly, how does he have a music video for every song he's ever created?!?

He's the king of the fucking stars. If you've ever wanted to play something to weird people out, i recommend playing this following video. Why the ironic hipsters arent all over this man is befuddling to me. He plays synthpop, the media should be closely following the life of Mizar. A world of Mizar and Lady Gagas is where i want to live. Within the artwork of this release, Mizar attatched a phone number to reach him aswell as a email address,, be my guest. Unfortunately the phone number is disconnected, trust me as several drunken attempts were made to contact the mighty man.

If this at all grabs your attention, download this cd immediately.

(as always click the cd cover to accept Mizar into your heart and mind as your personal saviour)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As promised, Walknut.

today, i bring you the hypnotizing and crushing Walknut. Brooding unrelenting black metal.

Here's a sample:

Some of these recommendations i give to you, arent all new, just merely my recommendations for great listening pleasure. so if you're familiar with any/all things i post, fucking congrats- you also enjoy great fucking sound.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Change. FAUNA

So another few months have passed, im not homeless anymore. i got my shit together and am here to present you with a real treat. Back in March, i traveled down the the middle wasteland in california on my sobriety journey in search of forgotten faces. While i was there i met up with a few touring bands, Order of the Vulture and Nux Vomica. I gave them a place to stay and i was welcomed to stowaway with them on tour to get me back to the comfortable dwellings of living in my car in oakland, california.

Inevitably black metal was brought up and Brian(Hail, L'Acephale, O.T.V) and I started to realize we like a lot of the same things and formed a kinship with one another. I brought up Fauna, as they're on a realm of complete perfection. For my buck there's not another current american black metal band doing anything near as captivating and entrancing. A close equal is Fell Voices, but that comes later. Anyway, as we are talking he informs me about this piece, the third chapter in their works. It's a live ritual enactment of "Fearthainne". If you're familiar with the band, you must download this immediately as "The Hunt" and "Rain" are absolutely essential listening. If you're not familiar with the band, do yourself a favor. Real black metal from the "Cascades". None of this garbage wolves in the throne room hipster shit either.

Fauna's live ritual are intense. As of April, they now have a live drummer to go along with their invocations and have performed 3 new chapters.

Beautiful, somber, and other-wordly are a few words to describe their sound.

as always, click the picture to transfer your being into the realm of fauna

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Secretly In Pain

So it's been another month since my last update on here. Another month sleeping in my car, fucking up really bad and a sobering process that's been anything but easy. My frustrations with humanity and utter resentment for most people has been in overdrive. It hasnt been all bad though, few friends have made it survivable. Honestly cant think of a better release to represent this last month of my fading existence.

(click the picture to d/l)

-Internal Depression

The logo alone is enough. This is a fucking depressing realization of everything shitty and wrong in society. Fuck you and fuck your parents for existing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Frozenthia Depresis

This is a fucking dark beautiful and tranquil trip into solitude and nothingness. Frozenthia Depresis is a one man band and is offering the cd for free download off his website in a zip folder, the link's included behind the picture. Enjoy, repress depression or lament in confessions.

here's a sample of his brilliantly eerie mind.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fuck the other one

If you're into black metal im sure you've heard or seen Naglfar or heard people talk about them. They're garbage. This is the only Nagelfar that matters.

Seenland from 97's "Hünengrab im Herbst"

This cd is one of my favourite and most listened to black metal releases of all time. I highly recommend this often looked over crushing release of the 90's. Alike all of my posts, if you'd like to download it click the album picture to chase the rabbit.

Daily Black Metal

Constantly Creating Myself in the Space of Life

Cold Empty Universe from Poland.
Cold Empty Universe Myspace

Brilliantly constructed and an incredible avant-garde approach to the genre. This is definitely not an easy listen for fans of typical bm, but if you appreciate soundscapes, lofi and lonely manifestations this is for you. The ten minute journey of "Beyond The Mind" alone makes this worth the d/l.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


"Melancholie" from Coldworld is a depressing, grim cold trip into a shadowy mans existence. I included one of my favourite tracks off the album for anyone looking to preview the album.

for anyone looking to d/l, here you go: