Friday, January 29, 2010

Fuck the other one

If you're into black metal im sure you've heard or seen Naglfar or heard people talk about them. They're garbage. This is the only Nagelfar that matters.

Seenland from 97's "H√ľnengrab im Herbst"

This cd is one of my favourite and most listened to black metal releases of all time. I highly recommend this often looked over crushing release of the 90's. Alike all of my posts, if you'd like to download it click the album picture to chase the rabbit.

Daily Black Metal

Constantly Creating Myself in the Space of Life

Cold Empty Universe from Poland.
Cold Empty Universe Myspace

Brilliantly constructed and an incredible avant-garde approach to the genre. This is definitely not an easy listen for fans of typical bm, but if you appreciate soundscapes, lofi and lonely manifestations this is for you. The ten minute journey of "Beyond The Mind" alone makes this worth the d/l.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


"Melancholie" from Coldworld is a depressing, grim cold trip into a shadowy mans existence. I included one of my favourite tracks off the album for anyone looking to preview the album.

for anyone looking to d/l, here you go: