Monday, September 27, 2010

Fell Voices

Imagine your existence being ripped to shreds and replaced with a desolate silhouette of fucking emptiness, if life were a movie we could direct- this record would be the soundtrack to our rotting existence in a rusted room filled with centipedes, with our mind, heart and soul looking up for escape only to find an endless corridor of fucking bleakness. I liken these three to Hillsmen playing real old timey blues. They are passionate, true and completely honest about everything they do. They arent painting their fucking faces, wearing bullet belts or making money, they are creating these fucked up malevolent beautiful orchestras of sound because it is in their soul, much like the older bluesmen that just play because it's their way of escaping and dealing with society. Their last show indefinitely will be on the 9th of October for the Fall into Darkness Festival. If you have the opportunity, see them and bare witness to the single greatest entity of sound to resonate amongst the last decade in American Black Metal.
Above is a download of the upcoming record that should be available for purchase in Oregon. Support this band