Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Danny Tanner...For the Fucking Kids

Around the beginning of the last decade Danny Tanner began it's reign of extremely pissed off and angsty tunes. Hailing from San Diego, these guys came along at a time when everyone was full steam blowing their peers, San Diego's mistakenly inferior fast band. Anyway, if you like hardcore, powerviolence and aggressive music that you can rage to, here's Danny Tanner.

These guys ruled super fucking hard! This band was super influential to me personally. Some people have a fondness for dystopia as their punk roots, i don't- too much filler, not enough killer. These guys records never lacked killer tracks. Around 03/04 i was consumed with shitty hardcore and brutal death metal- Danny Tanner single-handedly help suck me out of the "brutal" universe i was consumed in. I had never experienced any sort of connection to music alike hearing them for the first time and just being blown away at this band i found through p2p networking. Thank you dudes, the Internet, and Ali of course.

I never got the chance to see them live, but I have gotten the privilege of getting to see their new formation, Koppojutsu(Whom will be getting their own post soon). The first Swamp Witch show was actually an impromptu set with Koppojutsu in Fresno! I've been fortunate enough to get to know the guys on a great level and i love them dearly. Their tunes and sense of humor is appreciated immensely.

Check them out above and donate 8 minutes of your time and give it up to San Diego's finest boy band, Danny Fucking Tanner!

- 'till death we rock
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