Monday, August 9, 2010


The entity of Mania is fucking destructive. Nate-ia is pure hate. Mania is a one man band with programmed bass and dual guitar tracks. Interesting to say the least, and a good friend. Mania comes from the illustrious "Cascades" SALEM to be more exact, but dont let that fool you- Mania is a legitimate threat to your health. Furious, unrelenting black metal hellbent on shattering your happy existence. At the young age of 22, Nate's already established himself as one of the more crucial beings in american black metal as every offering he's been involved in has ruled! See Vault Dweller and Leech for prime examples.

This is the Mania 2010 Tour Cd.
Download link below


Hell Crust said...

when andre showed me this, i fell in love. thanks for posting this.

Micki Foster said...

Those salem boys are special