Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Junior Kimbrough-Updated

-You Better Run(The Essential Junior Kimbrough)-

This is the Essential Junior Kimbrough. From start to finish this is absolutely flawless. Junior alike the other few artists i have posted in here, play some real blues. His style is impenetrataeble and fucking infectious. Straight up some grown folk music. The amount of soul and energy Kimbrough put into his music is uncomprehendable. I cant say enough good things about the man, the legend, and this cd in general. This is a mandatory must own. One of the few actual albums i've been more than happy to pay for.


Anonymous said...

Fuckin Cheers!
Kimbrough is great.

greezus chrust said...

balls...this one is gone too. so is RL Burnside... these all sound like must haves!!