Thursday, January 10, 2008

Before The Dinosaurs-Updated

Vol. III - The Stone Of Cold Fire

So this is the third installment out of a collection of four. This is actually the shortest of all four, this one ends at around a mere 28.5 mintures. One track played continuously without any sort of texture or planned elements.  Super lofi, ambient noise stuff. I highly enjoy it, then again i am highly biased - this i will openly admit. It's not an easy listen as most people dont have the patience to listen to a single track upwards of 30+ minutes and such. This Volume takes you through some highs and some low lows, really dark and menacing with a sort of perpetual tranquility. Five completly different influenced and minded people combine to create a really unique sound.Those looking for some highly drugged out music, you'll probably really enjoy listening to this, as everyone that i know whose listen to it under some sort of influence have proclaimed how it blew their mind and took them on a fucking journey.


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Aesop said...

Nice spot. Get it going again.