Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Empty Spaces Need Fillin, Duh Mothafucka MACCAR

-Gloria Galore-

Cant really think of a better way to come back then with my own stuff. This is the last recorded Maccar Cd. We didnt release it, so essentially this is the first time it's up for grabs and available to listen to in it's entirety. Maccars not for everyone, like the people that have shit for taste-stray away baby! Then again if you had shit for taste you wouldnt be reading this blog now would ya??!

This cd follows the journey of a Transvestite named "Gloria Galore". If you love transvestites and sex as much as we do along with other filthy incredible acts of deviance- We got what you want! Gloria Galore is fixated on sexual gratification and willing to achieve it and pursue it at all costs, mostly by force. This cd follows her journey through life to her ultimate demise as she's drowned for her sins at the bottom of the Japanese Oceans. We call the genre "Anti-band", it's essentially no single solitary structures, just pulses of scattered sound and piercing imagery. Similar to watching a movie, without the actual sight visual, moreso mental imagery. Each Song is a different chapter to our story, hopefully you enjoy it.

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greezus chrust said...

sorry if i'm making a bunch of work for you to do... this one's down too- sounds rad!