Saturday, June 5, 2010

Change. FAUNA

So another few months have passed, im not homeless anymore. i got my shit together and am here to present you with a real treat. Back in March, i traveled down the the middle wasteland in california on my sobriety journey in search of forgotten faces. While i was there i met up with a few touring bands, Order of the Vulture and Nux Vomica. I gave them a place to stay and i was welcomed to stowaway with them on tour to get me back to the comfortable dwellings of living in my car in oakland, california.

Inevitably black metal was brought up and Brian(Hail, L'Acephale, O.T.V) and I started to realize we like a lot of the same things and formed a kinship with one another. I brought up Fauna, as they're on a realm of complete perfection. For my buck there's not another current american black metal band doing anything near as captivating and entrancing. A close equal is Fell Voices, but that comes later. Anyway, as we are talking he informs me about this piece, the third chapter in their works. It's a live ritual enactment of "Fearthainne". If you're familiar with the band, you must download this immediately as "The Hunt" and "Rain" are absolutely essential listening. If you're not familiar with the band, do yourself a favor. Real black metal from the "Cascades". None of this garbage wolves in the throne room hipster shit either.

Fauna's live ritual are intense. As of April, they now have a live drummer to go along with their invocations and have performed 3 new chapters.

Beautiful, somber, and other-wordly are a few words to describe their sound.

as always, click the picture to transfer your being into the realm of fauna

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