Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spirit Ritual

Take a Voyeuristic journey into the psychedelic and other-wordly sounds of these captivating artists. This is Stevie Floyd(Dark Castle) and Mike Scheidt(YOB) engulfing you in hypnotizing soundscapes and trippy fucked up world music. There's throat singing, there's gongs and there's fright. This is a rough 8 track recording that was pressed, numbered and limited to 100 copies for the current Dark Castle tour. If you get the chance to see them on this tour, i highly recommend picking this cd up. The hand stenciled and created artwok resonate a strong sense of transcendence. This collaboration signifies a great bond and one of the best things about creating sound- the opportunity to crossover and not limit yourself to any genres or artforms. A place where like minded people can allow themselves to become conduits for sound to travel through. Dark Castle are set to tour with YOB twice in the next year. Here in America and also in Europe, please check them out if you havent already. Listen to what these two create when not crushing you with heavy epic doom. It's even scarier and more fucked up.

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