Thursday, July 1, 2010

Circle of Eyes

I present to you Circle of Eyes. The only way i recommend listening to this is to get really fucking high and turn this up really fucking loud and lay backk. Take the sheer devastatingness of NECRITE and their attack on your auditory sense and blend it with Kevin Yuen of FERMENTÆ's affinity with simplistic and eloquent brutality and you have something that resembles this augmentation of Circle of Eyes.

This is a live untouched performance on Cythoth's KFJC show. During the live ritual the recording station actually stopped functioning on account of massive peaking and literally crashed. Being the first band to blow the computer is either really unprofessional or really awesome, tba. Circle played the loudest set to date in the pit, which has hosted a veritable whose who when it comes to music that actually matters. The place is absolutely legendary.

This is hopefully seeing a release at least in Europe later this year and I managed to get my hands on it a few months ago.


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