Sunday, May 22, 2011

Circle of Eyes? An Assistant to Psychedelica 10.15.2009

It's like showering in psychedelic waters and swimming through streams of ayahuascain shamen smoke. Fucking intense and the sound goes perfectly with the evolutions in pixel animation fluctuating through the space of time.

Enjoy dude it's a trip

Back story to this show. This show was Us, Worm Ouroboros, Maleficia, and Nadja. It was my first time playing the Terminal. It's a tremendous place in Oakland. For heavy shows you will not beat the atmosphere and aura created playing here in the Bay Area. The lineup was really great. It was special for me because not only was I getting to play with Aiden Baker's project, but my favourite band, Worm Ouroboros, played that night. Worm definitely stole the night, Nadja(or Nad-e-ah/Nahd-ja)was good but this night was one of those nights where you know you are witnessing greatness and it feels great even in the moment and you can reflect upon it and bask in it. I believe it was the last time they have played Oakland in the past two years. If you are unfamiliar with Worm Ouroboros(click), they play really spacey and airy beautiful post-rock, I highly recommend checking them out. Maleficia performed my favourite set i have seen of his from any of his projects this night as well.This show happened at a time when nobody gave a shit about our bands basically, so few people were there, but this was by far one of my favourite shows to have been apart of and just attend! Despite being drunk and making myself sick from screaming so much(as i was without a microphone for this, C.O.E is very loud), I also left this place with the insides of my pants covered in blood from the monsterish nailed Gauntlet I was wearing and crushing into my leg during our performance. Thanks Necrite. Regardless, I have two show fliers on my walls and for great significance and reason. This nights and T-Model Ford in Sf.

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