Saturday, May 21, 2011


For the past few years i've been wanting to do this, so fuck it, now I am. I'll update this with some of my favourite shows i've been to as well as most and all shows i do attend. I forget a lot of shows that i go to and that's not entirely up to the pot.

Tonight's lineup:

Connoisseur opened the show. They deemed themselves D.I.High grind, I like that. The music is pretty straight forward with parts reminiscent to one of my favourite bands, Swallowing Shit! So that's a plus. Entertaining for sure and sweet dudes, anybody that hands out 3-5 blunts to the crowd while they play is aces. Most of the lyrical content is focused on burritos and tacos, which i really enjoy, and marijuana, which i also really enjoy so it's a winning combination. When matched with some pretty damn heavy parts and a madman masked singer you know good times are to be had. With this being their first show, i think it definitely proves that Connoisseur is not only a tough fucking word to spell but an intriguing fun band from the Bay area that you should probably check out. Especially if you like getting high. Here's a track of theirs about the war between Mexican-American foods, Burritodeth

Torture Unit played next. They ruled! Pretty straight forward hardcore, the way it should be played, pissed off dissonant and taxing as fuck. This apparently was their last show and after checking their blog(Torture Unit Blogspot) I also attended their first show. Angry old dudes talking about shit they know, drugs specifically meth(not my cup of tea) and being oppressed. I can get behind that. I enjoyed a bubblegum flavored sucker during their performance. Tonight confirmed that Spazz did enjoy their meth which finally explains those fucking great sax parts. Awesome.

Lie Still played afterwards, it was efficient, they are a relatively new band that i didnt care too much for. The singer's a fucking peach man, he had a smile the whole time and seemed to be a pretty cool dude, just the music didnt click for me. It got garbled and over thought out at times. They did have a latino dude playing bass and he had a kill whitey shirt on, that's pretty funny, and another dude in the band was wearing his own Lie Still band shirt. Fuck the world.

Agents of Satan were up next and were the best band of the night. Im glad i got to see them. Super brutal and super on point! Their vocalist is fucking incredible!! Satanic brutal powerviolence bands with devil masked singers=Fuck Yes. Here's a song they did called Black Metal Bat

Catheter headlined the show. They were good. But good in the sense that they've been playing for several years and are familiar with each others musical abilities and strengths. The highlight of their set was a beastie boys cover. I dont think i'll go out of my way to see them again, but whatevs.

jumped on this show as well. Earlier that evening they played with one of my favourite local heavy bands, Bruxers, along with Acts of Sedition. Usually when bands do this, it means their original show sucked. Which is a bummer, because i would've traded them for Bruxers in a second. They are a female fronted neocrust band from Canada. I appreciated that they didnt preach and played a relatively short set with a good amount of energy. Musically, i didnt dig it much, but with few exceptions- i rarely enjoy "D-beat" bands. They sound like almost every other newer crust band you can see on any other night in Oakland.

Knockout of the night=Agents of Satan, holy fuck they ruled
Submission of the night=Connoisseur, on my lungs
Fight of the Night=Torture Unit, as they showed a consistent range of anger and tenacity Vs The World and Ghetto Grind Merchandise from Plutocracy
The Arena probably housed upwards of 65 sound fans.

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