Thursday, June 9, 2011

Burning Witch

Fucking Incredible. The most definitive American Doom metal band. Imagine the sound of pain manipulated through hypnotic hymns of pure fucking heaviness. It is some grotesque shit man. Pretty much Burning Witch wrapped up in a philly.

I love this band. They are one of the sole reasons for my interest in Heavy sound. They came around in this bleak period of time in the 90's and completely changed the way doom was played and quickly fizzled out and started new projects(((SUNNO))) of greater success, but none have been as important or felt as real as the fucked up entity of it's predecessor. Burning Witch should be mandatory listening for any fans of the genre. Sorry Thrash fans but i'd take Burning Witch, Sleep, Graves at Sea, and Electric Wizard over your top 4, anyday. All of the aforementioned bands deserve ample recognition, and within the Underground Community, they are rightfully held on a pedestal.

Rumor has it that Burning Witch may see the light of day again. The long awaited quadruple gatefold lp may also be seeing it's massive release come this fall. Fingers crossed for a complete reunion as that would be really special.

Here's one of my favourite songs and live performance videos, it was filmed on some public access stations in Washington:

(Dude, im out of my fuckingggggggggg mind)

Below is Burning Witch's complete discography. including the Towers Ep, the Rift.Canyon. Dreams Ep, and the Asva and Goatsnake split.
Towers Ep & Rift. Canyon. Dreams Ep
Asva and Goatsnake splits

Enjoy Burning Witch, they need to be in your collection, not just as a money thing, but you should know them and familiarize yourself with them as they are absolutely essential. Listen to the tracks and if you ever get the chance to come across burning witch vinyl, buy it.

One last thing:
The Poisoned Glass surfaced about a year and a half ago on myspace, it's a new project featuring Edgy 59 and George from Burning Witch. The track rules, you can hear it by following this link The Poisoned Glass myspace.


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great post. this band is still never appreciated enough.

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