Thursday, June 30, 2011


Goreshack hails from Fresno, California. Unlike the majority of The Central Valley, Goreshack does not suck, nor constitute of any forms of meth. They self describe themselves as Gore Surf Metal, dawned with zombie makeup/hawaiian shirts/and suntan lotion, these guys embody it nicely. Their live rituals are few and far between, it's something special when you get see these guys perform, not just musically but for the experience. How many shows have you gone to where Giant Inflatable Sharks were ridden around by the crowd, and the majority of the crowd dresses up in their favourite Corpse Ridden Hawaiian get up. It's quite the experience to say the least.

We haven't even begun to get to the best part of it all. Behind the mystique, these guys are playing some very fucking competent death metal. It's everything you want in death metal, something to fucking rage to and have good times with. If you dont consider zombies dancing at a beach party inside your local venue awesome and totally fun, you suck. The music is voluptuous and ripe with brutality. This record is dense and heavy grooving as fuck. Thor, frontman of Goreshack, delivers a disgusting arsenal of clever and humorous content with supreme delivery. The Guitars are narrating the tales of a thrash explosion. The low-end on this album is heavyyyy. This is definitely a band for fans of Carcass, Ghoul, Lord Gore and Splatterhouse.

Ride the Goreshack wave!(click)

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